Get to know Jennifer Buchanan, Senior Paralegal for Bridgeford LLC
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April 27, 2022
Senior Paralegal Jennifer Buchanan thought about becoming an attorney after getting her business administration degree from the University of San Diego. Before committing to law school, though, she became a paralegal and found that it was a perfect fit for her.

“I find the work interesting and challenging. I enjoy reviewing documents, drafting agreements and doing legal research for our clients.”

Prior to joining Bridgeford, Jennifer worked at Cooley, one of the largest law firms in the U.S.

“My experience at Cooley has been extremely helpful. We did financings where we helped venture capital firms invest in our clients. Doing that work for a large firm has been key as we help our clients here at Bridgeford.”

She was also a paralegal at a high-growth telecommunications company and boutique law firm specializing in the areas of corporate law, real estate, estate planning and tax. These practice areas are useful as she helps clients at Bridgeford.

Beyond knowing the law and understanding how deals are forged, Jennifer enjoys understanding the clients she works with.

“Many of our clients are dental and orthodontic practices. I like learning about their practices and then using my experience to help them with their legal issues.”

All of this is exactly what Jennifer hoped to find when she embarked on her legal career.

Together with Brit Young and their combined passion for helping companies thrive, Jennifer says she has found a firm where she can use her wealth of experience to do both legal work and paralegal work.

Life away from work for Jennifer is all about family. Jennifer has two teenage sons. When she is not shuttling kids around, she enjoys water sports, hiking, and the inevitable home projects.

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