Bridgeford Client Valor Ventures Fund 2 Invests in Allelica’s Precision Medicine Technologies
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June 21, 2021

Bridgeford LLC client Valor Ventures focuses on investing in experienced-based founders using software for risk stratification, particularly those in the Southeast. This region includes 40% of the nation’s population and conversely, the greatest number of under-represented founders.

Valor recently announced a $1.75 million Series Seed investment in Allelica, a medical technology startup that has ventured successfully into incorporating genomic data into stratifying patients with varying trajectories of disease risk.

Disease risk assessment data-driven tools are one of the newest and most promising tools in medicine’s efforts to contain or defeat disease.

These tools, which analyze vast amounts of data to predict an individual’s risk of cancer, coronary artery disease, neurological disease and much more give doctors an opportunity to better assess each patient’s likelihood of developing specific diseases. This allows for proactive preventative treatments, lifestyle changes to lower risk, and the ability to minimize the effects of those conditions.

Allelica’s technology can give doctors early warning tools which enable them to more effectively be “on the lookout” for specific diseases in each patient, potentially making way for earlier interventional treatments and therapies.

Bridgeford congratulates Valor on closing the deal and wish Allelica the best as they work on developing potentially game-changing medical technology.

To learn more about the deal, check out their press release below:

Valor Backs Genomics SaaS Platform Allelica

Valor Ventures Fund 2 is pleased to announce its seventh investment, a $1.75 million Series Seed financing of Allelica, Inc. Valor General Partner Gary Peat joins the Allelica board of directors. In addition to lead investor Valor Ventures, participants in the round included AI-focused venture fund Pi Campus and prestigious genetics research institution Medical Genetics Center (MGZ) in Munich as a strategic investor.

Says Peat, “Allelica brings precision medicine into mainstream clinical practice through a Software-as-a-Service platform for the prediction of complex, genetic diseases using proprietary polygenic risk scores. With major customers across three continents, Allelica is poised to be the first mass adoption of precision medicine. For example, in cardiology, Allelica has partnered with a leader in therapies for Coronary Artery Disease, Merck, to develop data-driven cardiovascular disease-risk stratification tools based upon Allelica’s polygenic risk scores for Coronary Artery Disease.”

Allelica’s co-founders include two of the world’s leading genomic bioinformaticians and Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) scientists, CEO Giordano Bottà, Ph.D. and Chief Science Officer, George Busby, Ph.D., plus data scientist Paolo Di Domenico, Ph.D. Their fundamental research contributions helped develop the algorithms and AI that make genomic analysis possible at scale. With this round, Allelica has hired a Baltimore-based sales leader, Edgar Carter, as VP of Sales.

Bottà says, “The Valor team brings decades of experience investing at seed stage in healthcare information technology and informatics in Allelica’s largest market, North America.”

About Allelica

Allelica uses genomic data to stratify individuals with different trajectories of disease risk. This offers the potential to complement and improve conventional risk prediction and clinical practices in specialties and subspecialties such as fertility, cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, neurology, and more. Allelica’s most recent publication in the American Heart Association’s prestigious journal Circulation this month highlights Allelica’s PRS for coronary artery disease. Through the incorporation of genetics into disease risk assessments, Allelica is improving preventative clinical medicine by helping to identify those who benefit the most from early intervention and behavior modification to reduce lifetime risk. More info:

About Valor Ventures

Founded in 2015 to create premium venture capital returns with Valor’s Inclusion Premium strategy, Valor Ventures backs experienced-based founders solving big problems with software at the first professional round. We focus in the fastest-growing, largest region in the US, the Southeast, which features 40% of the U.S. population and the greatest density of under-represented founders. Our mission is making inclusion the new normal in venture capital because diverse teams and boards produce premium returns. Our platform includes Startup Runway, the largest pitch event for underrepresented founders in the country since 2015; the Atlanta Startup Podcast, and Atlanta Tech Park, the 45,000 sqft innovation center dedicated to accelerating local tech innovation globally with more than 50 startup and early-stage companies in residence. More info:

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