Raising Capital

Whether you are launching a start-up, or accelerating the growth of an established business, raising capital on reasonable terms is crucial to the success of any company. 

At Bridgeford, we have extensive experience drafting, negotiating and closing financing rounds from angel investors, venture capital funds, family offices and traditional banks. This experience is a critical benefit for the company founders, as there are many nuances to financing terms and most sophisticated investors and lenders will be using a large law firm to negotiate terms in their favor (at the expense of the founders).   

At Bridgeford, we can level this playing field at a fraction of the cost of a big firm with comparable experience. 

If you are considering a funding event for your business, schedule a consultation with Bridgeford today.

Business Financing Solutions

If you are looking for business financing options, Bridgeford has the knowledge and experience to help with:

∼ Negotiate Investment Terms & Documents

∼ Create Investment & Governance Structure

∼ Making Necessary Security Filings

Find The Right Funding For Your Business

Finding investors for your business can be a daunting task. You must demonstrate your business’s potential for success while mitigating risks as much as possible for them to trust you with their investment.

At Bridgeford, we have structured and negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in equity and debt investments for private companies. If you are contemplating additional financing for your business, schedule a consultation with Bridgeford today.



Bridgeford’s experience ranging from startup, angel and VC funding, public offering, and the ultimate sale of companies gives us confidence.

– G.B. PrattFounder & CEO of ModifyHealth