Business Sales & Combinations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are planning for an exit with the sale of your business, or a strategic combination or acquisition with another company, it is imperative to have legal counsel with experience to act as a knowledgeable guide through the process. 

Bridgeford specializes in all aspects of business exits and combinations, combining the experience and proficiency of a large law firm with the more personal and affordable touch of a boutique practice.  Bridgeford’s experience includes representation of sellers and acquirors of healthcare providers, which have additional regulatory nuances that should be addressed in any transaction.

Business sales and combinations are complex transactions that require a skilled attorney to navigate. If you are looking to buy or sell a business, contact Bridgeford today.

Buying Or Selling A Business

There are many factors that go into the sale or combination of a business, and even minor mistakes or oversights can destroy some of the value you have worked hard to create. While there are many attorneys skilled in assisting business owners with day-to-day business matters, most do not have Bridgeford’s experience and expertise in buying or selling a business.

Our mergers and acquisition services include:

∼ Preparing Your Business For Sale

∼ Buying A Business

∼ Selling A Business

∼ Negotiating and Closing Asset Purchases and Sales

∼ Conducting and Reviewing Sell-Side and Buy-Side Due Diligence

∼ Documenting Mergers, Joint Ventures and Other Business Combinations

Peace Of Mind When Buying Or Selling A Business

Complex corporate transactions like business sales, acquisitions and combinations can be a stressful undertaking for business owners. There are many contractual terms that are unique to these transactions, therefore an attorney with substantial relevant experience is critical.

Bridgeford has the experience and capabilities of a large firm to guide you through the transaction process and achieve the best deal possible. If you are considering buying or selling a business, contact Bridgeford today.


Whether it’s quickly turning transaction documents, helping draft contracts, negotiating employment agreements, or serving as outside M&A counsel on multimillion-dollar deals, our engagement with Bridgeford has delivered.

– Andy LynessGeneral Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer – D4C Dental Brands, Inc.